I like to describe myself as an irrational-free thinker, I can't fit in one artistic practice and I can't live my days without creating new experiences for my self and for everyone around me.


I continuously challenge myself to push the boundaries of my artistic practice. It doesn't only enable me to reflect on my self as an artist, but it also shapes different points of view that might help someone else. I hope to continually explore, analyse and awake every human perception.

My creative ambition is to make people laugh, cry, shout, be amazed or confused, leading them to the most important truth:

another way is always possible, change is necessary and we don't need to be afraid to lose everything behind. 


We should look more often at the reality around us and start asking questions. We speak of environmental warming, of underdevelopment, of child soldiers, of wars, of terrorism, of atomic bombs, of racism, of social injustices when we often forget the fact that these are terms we coined ourselves.


Therefore we need to redefine modern words and actions, picturing them in a new contemporary world which is constantly changing shapes and ways of expression.